We offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate robotics courses across several departments

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering
  • Computer Science


Graduate students are admitted to one of these home departments, and will need to satisfy the degree requirements of the home department. PhD students will identify a primary faculty advisor that is affiliated with their home department.

There is no “one size fits all” curriculum for robotics, and a successful robotics student will build their own plan of study that fulfills the requirements of their home department, and combines robotics courses from the list below with relevant breadth courses, e.g., machine learning, control theory, AI, computer vision, optimization, HCI, and design.


Robotics Courses at UIUC


  • Introduction to Robotics (ECE 470, ME 445, AE 482)
  • Principles of Mobile Robotics (ABE 424)
  • Principles of Safe Autonomy (ECE 498)
  • Introduction to Autonomous Systems (SE 498)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation and Control (AE 483)

Dynamics & control


  • Introduction to Mechatronics (GE/SE 423)
  • Computer Control of Mechanical Systems (ME 461)
  • Sensors and Instrumentation (ECE 437)
  • Soft Robotics (SE 598)



Is there a relevant robotics course that you’d like to take in your home department? Ask whether it can be cross-listed!