General Usage Guidelines

Users of all IRL shared facilities (Flying Arena, Robotics Pavilion, Highbay Testbed) must follow these general guidelines, in addition to any project-specific usage guidelines:

  • Do not hold the door open for anyone when entering. If they have access to the lab, they should be able to use their i-card. (An exception can be made for giving supervised tours, when approved by the Lab Manager & Coordinator.)
  • University COVID-19 protocols must be respected at all times.
  • The “buddy system” should be used for any experimental equipment involving risk of physical injury, with one person operating the software that controls the equipment, and the other person attentive to potential hazards and ready to press an e-stop
  • Food and drink is not to be used inside labs
  • Trip hazards  (e.g., cables) across shared areas should be eliminated, e.g., by taping down or using cable tray.
  • Electrical hazards, such as daisy chaining power strips, must be avoided.
  • Environmental hazards, e.g., dust generation, use of aerosols or solvents, must be avoided or mitigated.
  • Trash must be placed in trash cans. Spaces should be kept tidy.
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, project personnel should not use space, furniture, tools, and equipment allocated for other projects.
  • Shared equipment, tools, and furniture must be returned to their original condition and location after active use.

Safety and Guideline Violations

Violations of safety guidelines and lab usage guidelines will result in an escalating series of sanctions, including:

  • Warnings,
  • Mandatory re-training of personnel,
  • Probationary monitoring,
  • Revoking access

(These sanctions will not necessarily be applied in order; severe violations may result in immediate revoking of access.)


  1. Remove the hazardous condition and power down equipment
  2. As necessary, supply first aid to the injured
  3. Contact and report the situation immediately to
    • Manager and Laboratory Coordinator of the CSL Shared Robotics Labs (217) 244-4174. The incident may be reported to the Division of Research Safety if necessary.
    • Faculty sponsor (if applicable) within 24 hours


For an emergency situation involving a serious injury:

  1. Call 911; explain the emergency, and request help to your location
    • CSL Studio: 1206 West Clark St, Urbana, IL, 61820
    • Highbay: 201 St Marys Rd Suite 201C, Champaign, IL 61820
  2. If necessary, evacuate the area
  3. As necessary, supply first aid to the injured and get them to safety
  4. Contact and report the situation to:
    • Manager and Laboratory Coordinator of the CSL Shared Robotics Labs (217) 244-4174
    • CSL Building Manager:  Kyle Wilcoxon (217) 300-6315
    • Report incident to the Division of Research Safety as necessary.
    • Faculty sponsor (if applicable) within 24 hours.

Acknowledgement for Papers Involving Experimentation in the CfA Laboratories

The following acknowledgement shall be included in all publications that incorporate any results obtained through the use of the CfA facilities:

“… was carried out in part in the Center for Autonomy Robotics Laboratories at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.”

Please also send the publication information (citation, DOI, or conference name and paper/poster title) to the lab manager.

The CfA research staff may make contributions to the research carried out by our users. They can have an important scientific role through the planning and realization of experiments, through the analysis and interpretation of data, or through significant collaboration to the research. When these occur, the staff person should be included as a co-author on papers.