Lab Schedule

We are temporarily modifying the policies and protocols for usage of the Center for Autonomy Testbed Areas, due to the new Covid-19 posture of the University.  These changes, outlined below, will remain in effect until further notice.  


  1. High Bay in Research Park.  This area will be closed for all regular research and teaching activities.  However, specially arranged single usages of the facility can be proposed to, and will be evaluated by, the CfA Testbeds and Safety Committee chaired by Professor Sayan Mitra. Such proposed usages must adhere to the then-extant University policy with regard to all staff, researchers and students.
  2. IRL Arena and Pavilion in CSL Studio.  Researchers and students may still use these areas for non-hazardous activities during the hours of 8AM and 8PM, but need to ensure they remain a minimum of 15 feet from other individuals at all times, and do not simultaneously use common work surfaces. There will be other procedures that need to be followed, particularly wrt to proper cleaning of work surfaces etc upon arrival and departure.  Please contact John M. Hart ( for scheduling and logistics. Please note that CSL buildings currently require card-swipe access.