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The Intelligent Robotics Lab (IRL) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is an initiative of the Coordinated Science Laboratory (CSL). The lab is a shared research facility supported in part by the Center for Autonomy, the Grainger College of Engineering and participating departments.

Intelligent Robotics Lab Located in the CSL Studio


Researchers from around campus use the facilities to develop the latest robotic systems that focus mainly on the challenges of Decision, Control, and Autonomy.


IRL’s Flying Arena and Builders Room


The IRL testbeds provide work areas for students to build and assemble mobile robots and an arena for conducting research experiments with aerial and terrestrial robots. The arena is equipped with a motion capture system capable of millimeter accuracy. The system allows tracking and position feedback in an indoor facility where GPS is unavailable.


Flying Arena


An expansion of IRL has been constructed to provide additional space for autonomy and robotics research experimentation and to further foster research collaboration across campus.

Robotics Pavilion (conceptual layout)


The Highbay, our satellite location, is a recent addition located on the south side of campus.  This facility provides an open work area, 3000 sq ft, with a high ceiling for experimenting with large research equipment. 

Highbay Testbed Facility on South Campus


This facility is located in Bay C. It currently houses our autonomous electric vehicle provided by AutonomouStuff and an R-Gator ATV research vehicle.  Self-driving experiments are conducted on a paved area behind the facility. 




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Questions About the Intelligent Robotics Lab?

Please contact the Manager and Coordinator of the CSL Shared Robotics Spaces

John M. Hart
Principal Research Engineer
Coordinated Science Laboratory