Description of the projects currently being developed at the IRL.

Assistive Drones in Public Safety Applications

  • Autonomous control of multirotors to aid firefighting tasks
  • Master-Slave configuration for navigation in GPS-denied environment
  • Real-time video transmission┬áto ground station



Navigation and Collision Avoidance in GPS-denied environment using monocular vision

  • Line of sight (LOS) based collision avoidance
  • Monocular vision collision detection

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Automation Supporting Prolonged Independent Residence for the Elderly (ASPIRE)

  • Studying multi-agent cooperative systems, comprised of humans and co-robots interacting in shared, highly constrained spaces
  • Developing co-robots capable of prolonging independence of the elderly population taking into account human perception and cognition, thus enhancing safety and robustness
  • Creating higher level control laws for the cooperation of ground and aerial indoor mobile robots
  • Developing collision avoidance strategies for the indoor (GPS denied) low cost mobile robot platform

Non-Intrusive Cooperative, Empathetic, Robust (NICER) Robotics

  • Creating a Virtual Reality test bed to study human-robot interaction
    • Virtual Reality Environment
    • Biometric sensors for data acquisition
    • Plug and Play task management through MATLAB/Simulink
  • Use of Virtual Reality experiments with human subjects to create a social etiquette for non-humanoid mobile robots by studying human behavior
  • Create guidance and control algorithms to improve the acceptability of aerial robots in essential social environments