Lab Schedule and Reservations

NOTE:  The Center for Autonomy will be maintaining its policy of wearing masks in the Flying Arena, Robotics Pavilion and Highbay labs until further notice for the safe usage of IRL facilities due to Covid-19.  For other campus policies please see

Users of the IRL facilities must note:

  • You must have an approved reservation in order to work in the labs.
  • Reservations for the following week (Monday-Sunday) need to be submitted by Thursday of the previous week.
  • Scheduled times you are unable to use need to be cancelled 24-48hrs before for others to use.


To make a reservation:

  • Log in (and come back to this page) using your University NetID.
  • Find an open time slot in the IRL and Highbay Schedules on the calendar.
  • Fill in the form below and click Submit.


To cancel reservations you will not use:


Log in to view this form.