Shenlong Wang

Title Associate Professor
Department Computer Science

Shenlong Wang is an Assistant Professor at the UIUC Department of Computer Science. He had been a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto and a research scientist at Uber ATG, working with Raquel Urtasun. He had also visited the Intel Intelligent Systems lab, working with Vladlen Koltun. Shenlong’s research interests span the spectrum from computer vision, robotics, and machine learning. His recent work involves developing robust algorithms for self-driving and making autonomous vehicles more reliable and scalable. His research has resulted in over 40 papers at top conferences, including over 15 oral and spotlight presentations. Shenlong’s co-authored work received the 2020 IROS Best Application Award Finalist and the 2021 CVPR Best Paper Candidate. He was selected as the recipient of the Facebook, Adobe, and Royal Bank of Canada Fellowships.